I’m Marq Boyce. Creator of the Monster Kids Academy series.

While I currently reside in Georgia, I was born and raised in Flint, MI.

As I enjoyed reading imaginary and story-driven books as a child, it later became the idea to use my own imagination in creating something unique as an adult. While I initially wasn’t sure what I’d actually want to write about, I had never envisioned that I would be using some of my own first-hand knowledge of dealing with an unfortunate issue that happens way too much: Childhood Bullying

When dealing with frustrating issues at a young age, we tend to keep it all pent up inside. For a book series, I envisioned an imaginary world of monster kids, were everyone was totally different in a special way. Although this would be magical world, the experiences these kids share would parallel to what children can face in the real world. Out of this came Monster Kids Academy.

What is Monster Kids Academy?

Monster Kids Academy is a middle-grade fantasy book series, which explores many childhood issues such as being different, trying to fit in and dealing with childhood bullying.

“Monster Kids Academy” is school on Planet Prinwerk, where Monster children such as vampires, werewolves, ghosts and zombies all go the same school and try to get along.

The series revolves around a central character, Milo Goldar, who is an blue Alien kid from another planet. He arrives at Monster Kids Academy a few weeks into the 6th grade school year. On his first day of class, he introduced to all the other monster kids in Mrs. Goblins Grade 6s, and the fun starts from there.

The series is targeted at middle-grade school children, from the ages of 8-12.

For each book in the series, there is an overall theme which carries the underlying tale of the story.

In addition to the book series, this website serves as a companion site for kids and parents alike. For parents, the blog contains valuable information regarding the struggles of childhood bullying, as well as other issues kids may face.

Continuing to being aware of the struggles of childhood and peer acceptance, gets us one step closer to making the world a more peaceful place for kids to grow up in.


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