“Brave New World” is the 1st book in the Monster Kids Academy Series.

Monster Kids Academy is a middle grade school where Monster children such as aliens, vampires, ghosts and zombies all attend the same school in harmony.

Brave New World starts with Milo, who is an blue Alien kid from another planet, getting ready with his dad to travel to Planet Prinwerk to start a new life. Milo is introduced to all the other Monster students in his class during Roll Call on the first day of grade 6, in which the class teacher is Mrs. Goblin.

Milo quickly befriends Vincent Rousseau, a Vampire student at MKA and Milo soon discovers life might not be so bad on Prinwerk after all, once he meets a quiet ghost student in his class, Julie Ghost

Follow the first journey of Milo starting over, creating a bond with new friends and dealing with the never-ending antics of the Woolfe Brothers, the twin werewolf bullies of the series.

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