“Honesty is the Best Policy” is the 3rd book in the Monster Kids Academy Series.

The newly best friends at Monster Kids Academy, Milo and Vince, are out at the old slimy lake behind the school. They are reminiscing on some of their adventures so far, while throwing rocks in the lake and challenging who can make them skip the furthest in the green goo. Vince teasing taunts Milo that he should be able to throw it further because of his alien powers. Milo reluctantly agrees to give it a try and use them, and it causes the rock to skip and jerk all over the place, until it flies sporadically through the air and back towards the school. Both kids hear a glass break in the distant and take off running. The window that broke, belonged to none other than Mr. Colossus, the principle at Monster Kids Academy.

Ace and Spade Woolfe, the wolf duo who loves to bully and terrorize their classmates with ever-increasing antics, are near the window and take the blame. No one believes their cries that they are innocent.

Milo is scot-free of being caught and the Woolfe brothers are suspended for the entire semester. All is well, until Milo’s conscience catches up to him and he realizes that not being honest is wrong, and even worse, makes him feel like a bad kid. Will Milo finally come clean, even if it means saving the Woolfe brothers who have done nothing but terrorize him and the rest of the students at MKA?

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