“The Monster School Dance” is the 2nd book in the Monster Kids Academy Series.

Monster Kids Academy is a middle grade school where Monster children such as aliens, vampires, ghosts and zombies all attend the same school in harmony.

Book 2 fast forwards a little into the school year.. Milo is still adjusting to being in a new place with all the other Monster Kids, but his budding friendship with Vince is making it easier. The Woolfe brothers are up to their antics as usual everyday, finding someway to pick on other kids.

Posters for the fall school dance “Monsters Fall Ball”, are all over the school.

Milo is excited, yet scared about going to his first school fall dance. He overhears a conversation between Samantha and Julie in talking about the dance. Milo daydreams about the opportunity to potentially dance with his new dream girl, Julie. But Milo’s excitement soon fades when the Woolfe brother catch Milo trying to dance with himself in the boys locker room, and find new ways to tease and embarrass him each day.

Thing’s only get interesting when Milo and Vince visits Bobbie Mummies house for dance lessons, who is rumored to be a dance machine.

Can Milo learn from Bobbie, and impress Julie at the dance? Or, will the Woolfe brothers have the last laugh?

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